Life is hard and in the contemporary times, it is rare to find anyone who doesn’t need help with a situation in their lives. Whether you are unhappy with your current situation or you want to improve a good thing, a personal life coach comes in handy. If you are in Albuquerque, NM or the neighboring communities, I would like to help you make a transformation in your life. I am Robert Lee, the founder of Grow & Change Coaching and an experienced life coach with decades of experience providing coaching that has transformed many people’s lives. I serve the community in the city and surrounding areas of Rio Rancho, Corrales, Bernalillo and Cedar Crest.
The motivation to pick up life coaching was brought about by my personal experiences that had culminated in a feeling of hopelessness and self-destructive behaviors. It is through these experiences that I have come to value the role of life coaching because it has saved my life and my belief is that it can impact anyone’s life too.
The journey of Grow & Change Coaching started way back before 2010 when it was launched. Since 1994, I have been undertaking various coaching courses that have helped to broaden my training skills. These include spiritual coaching training, NLP Practitioner’s Training, Theta Healing Certification, Energy Psychology, executive coaching among others. This extensive training has helped me grow into the most transformational coach in Albuquerque and beyond. My commitment is to always make a difference in my clients’ lives through a collaborative approach to counseling. My mission is to ensure a positive impact in your life through the 6-sessions program, each lasting about 90 minutes. In these sessions, I work with the client to uncover negativities and discover inner strength to deal with even the most difficult issues, such as PSTD, depression, substance abuse, weight loss and many others.
Talk to me today whatever your situation is if you are around Albuquerque or the surrounding and let’s work together to improve your life.

Grow and Change Coaching